2015    Oct      notice of intent at U Guelph

2016    June     notice of intent CFI

2016    Oct      application submitted to CFI

2017    June     acceptance by CFI

2018    Jan       CFI risk concerns resolved

2018    May     last provincial contribution secured

2018    Aug      all contracts signed, award finalized

2018    Sept     geocoding and data inventory begins (Laval, Sask)

2019    May     data received 1891-1921, coding begins (Montreal)

2019    Dec      data received 1852-1871

2020    Sept     coding completed, validation, testing begins (nine universities)

2021    Sept     data ready for licensing

The assembly of 40 million records requires a series of resources including transcription templates, manuals, coding dictionaries, etc. Please check back for more information related to data assembly.

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